What is a TEDx Talk?

A TEDx talk is a short talk, given live with no notes and no podium, that has a powerful idea at its core – an ‘idea worth spreading’.

i·de·a /īˈdēə/ noun | a thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action.

TEDx Talks are given at TEDx events, which are independently organized by local volunteers. They are featured on the TEDx YouTube channel and vetted by TED staff to possibly be featured on TED.com. TEDx Talks are unlike any other talk or presentation or lecture. They require a new approach for preparation. We provide and require coaching for all TEDxAkron speakers to ensure that our speakers are adequately prepared to give the talk of their life and to ensure our audience has they high quality experience they expect from TEDxAkron events.

Generally, TEDx talks are 18 minutes or less. At TEDxAkron, most talks are 6-12 minutes, and some (often the best) are only 3-5 minutes.

TEDx Talks and the ideas worth spreading that they contain may be:

  • Unique, expert perspectives on important and timely issues

  • Universal insights gained through singular personal experiences

  • Human creativity expressed through music, dance, spoken word, poetry, and more

Important to note what a TEDx talk is NOT. They are not:

  • A sales pitch

  • A fundraising ask

  • The same talk you give every other time you’re invited on stage

  • A chance to give an “inspirational talk” about something you’re passionate about

  • Something you show up for and give on a whim

  • Given through any type of “pay-to-play” schema

Who are TEDx Speakers?

TEDx Speakers are selected by local TEDx event organizers. They may have been nominated, recommended or sought out. At TEDxAkron, speakers are selected by a curatorial team in response to the theme of that particular year’s event.

TEDxAkron speakers are kids, teachers, entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, scientists, CEO’s. They might not have a title. You may know their name very well, and you may have never heard of them before.

All TEDxAkron speakers participate in extensive coaching to discover, refine, and deliver their TEDx talk. In this way they are humble and open.

How does someone become a speaker?

We look for TEDxAkron speakers throughout the year. We are always listening – to news stories, informal community “buzz,” and to our nomination portal. Each year when we select speakers we generate our own internal list of people, ask people that sit at particular vantage points to help us see people we wouldn’t otherwise see, and review the list of every speaker ever nominated via our form below. We review this giant list of potential speakers in light of the year’s event theme and narrow the list accordingly.

We also love speaker nominations! Several times a year we open speaker nominations to allow people who know amazing people with amazing ideas to tell us about these people they know and suggest we consider asking them to speak or audition for an upcoming TEDxAkron event. However, due to large volume of nominations and applications we do not guarantee that you will receive a response from our team and only shortlisted speakers will be contacted.

You do not become a TEDxAkron speaker by:

  • Barraging us with nominations or requests

  • Letting us know that you have given other TED or TEDx talks

  • Promoting yourself as a sought after keynote or motivational speaker

  • Sending us information telling us what you’d talk about and why

How do I apply to speak?

Speaker Application and Nomination Forms coming soon!