TEDxAkron 2011 was held on October 28th 2011 at The Taylor Institute of Direct Marketing.

Dr. Chuck Sandstrom - Forgiveness as a Way of Life

Dr. Sandstrom is the President of Chuck Sandstrom Enterprises and is a seasoned organizational leader. In 2009 he was brutally assaulted by a stranger. Here he discusses how in spite of his life-altering catastrophic brain injury, he unconditionally forgave the man who assaulted him and began actively engaging in assisting the mans young family.



Dr. Kwame Scruggs - Becoming the Hero Within Our Own Stories

Dr. Scruggs is the Founder and Executive Director of Alchemy Inc. In his talk he discusses how he uses myths and storytelling to engage the young urban adolescent males in his workshops and school programs. He uses myths to remove them from the situation they are in so that they can look at their situation objectively.



Dr. Terry Gordon - The Gift of a New Life

Dr. Gordon is a retired cardiologist trained at the Cleveland Clinic. In his talk he talks about how he experienced a transformative rebirth while on a family vacation. While on vacation he had a moment in which his traditionally scientific mindset was challenged by something more spiritual.

Jackie Lowe Stevenson MSSA LISW - Live Like a Horse: Innovation Inspired by Nature

Jackie is a Gestalt psychotherapist, life coach, and consultant. In her talk she explores how people experience personal rebirth through exploring the culture and community which make up horses and the mentality of the herd.





Dr. Luis Proenza - Universities and the Future of Regional Economies

Dr. Luis Proenza is the President of The University of Akron. In his talk he speaks about how the future of communities, and regional and global economies are being shaped by Universities. 





Rita Christie - Rebirth: Living Life Unlimited

Rita became an artist after she was kidnapped and shot by a boyfriend in 1992. Her story explores the transformation which occurred to her on that day as well as a new desire to become a painter she discovered while recovering from her wounds.

Dr. Eric Johnson - Building Blocks to Creating a Competitive City in the 21st Century

Dr. Johnson is an urban redevelopment entrepreneur and the Executive Director of the University Park Alliance in Akron, Ohio. He discusses how Akron is primed to be reborn and compete in the new economy, anchored by a group of core community components which makes Akron unique.