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Geeg Wiles

Geeg Wiles is the voice, caretaker and keeper of chronicles for Ahab’s Adventures.

An average year for Geeg and his partner consists of such undertakings as jumping out of planes, rafting gnarly white water rapids, swimming at Black Canyon National Park, taking in the historic buildings of Stockholm, exploring the falls of the Upper Peninsula, hitchhiking through Patagonia, volunteering at the Virgin Islands Environmental Resource Station, and being 1.5 out of 5 people to smell the Iowa State Fair’s Butter Cow. All of this on-the-ground “work” contributes to a larger story, which has been in the care of Geeg’s family for over seven decades.

At the mention that Geeg has accomplished these feats with “his partner,” you may have assumed that relationship was of a romantic sort, but that’s not the case. His travel companion is Captain Ahab; a three-foot-tall, forty-pound, bright yellow, wooden fisherman/wannabe pirate captain. Together, they are on a mission to motivate others by showing that if Captain Ahab can conquer his bucket list, then anyone can blast through their excuses and COMMANDEER LIFE!!! The business innovation behind Ahab's Adventures challenges the status quo, as does the way Geeg and Captain Ahab approach every single activity, interaction and idea. Of course, a lawn gnome was never intended to live the life Captain Ahab leads, nor should he be allowed to get behind so much red tape to accomplish his goals, but this dynamic duo’s entrepreneurial, “anything's possible,” thinking opens doors that would otherwise remained closed. By having re-imagined the purpose behind something old, neglected and even ordinary, Geeg inspires others to find the extraordinary in their own lives and seize a refreshing outlook on what’s possible.

Outside his professional life, Geeg is a cross between a white water raft guide and a biology lab technician and instructor.