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Entrepreneurs. World Record Holders. Kitchen dance party advocates. Chelsea and Ryan Avery created their thriving business and fulfilling relationship, implementing simple strategies gathered from research, experience, and couples all over the world. The communication strategy that has had the most profound effect on their relationship... YES MEANS YES!

From Ryan getting laid off the day after their wedding and Chelsea starting the job hunt after getting her master’s in social work, the financial and emotional strain from the beginning of their marriage was intense.

Like many of us, Chelsea and Ryan have wanted their relationship to be fun, fulfilling and meaningful but of course, life can’t always be donuts and vacation. There are real hardships, real emotions and real stress that threatens to take over. Chelsea and Ryan have found after 11 years of being together, experiencing the highs and lows of life, open communication is essential for having the fulfilling and lasting relationship most of us crave.

Many of us are never taught healthy ways to communicate with our spouse, relying on reality-tv-show “role models,” gossip magazines and differing home or school environments. The good news? These communication skills are learnable (but will require unlearning of past habits) and we can start with… YES MEANS YES!